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Photo Field Trips

These photography field trips are a fantastic way to practice your camera skills and to develop your eye and sense of composition in beautiful settings.  During the trips the photography instructor is available to provide photo tips and guidance as needed.  You will come home with pictures to hang on the wall!  

Cost: $85 for individual trip

Discount:  if you bring a friend $75 each


Photo Trips may be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you.  Call (610) 626-7854 to set up a time.

Freezing Time on Forbidden Drive

This field trip is an opportunity to develop your skills for freezing and blurring motion in your photography. Forbidden Drive in Fairmount Park is a favorite stretch for bikers, joggers, and even an occasional horseback rider - all excellent subjects for practicing the capture of motion.

Clifton Heights Dog Park

Come practice your skills for catching dogs in action. 


Bartram's Garden

On the banks of the Schuylkill River in southwest Phila, this is the oldest botanical garden in North America.  You will find open fields and meadows, wooded trails, formal gardens and the flowing river for the photographer's delight.  

FDR Skatepark

Looking for an entirely different photo destination with a peek into a distinct part of the youth culture?  This setting offers  action (soaring skateboarders) and colorful graffiti to combine for really exciting images.

Saturday,  5/19  1:00 - 3:00

Lansdowne in the Abstract

This relaxed small town offers the perfect setting to try out the principles of abstract photography.  Join us in the hunt and capture of circles, angles, repeating patterns, leading lines, juxtapositions, layers of color.....

Chanticleer Estate

This stately turn-of-the-century mansion, surrounded by formal gardens, complete with a beautiful old fashioned swimming pool, offers great opportunities for photographing both intimate scenes and grand vistas.  The grounds feature unusual plantings as well as some quirky post-modern garden statuary.  Our exploration will range from the macro abstractions of flower-portraits to the wide angle accentuated perspective of deep space landscapes.  And we won't miss the reflections on the beautiful lotus pond.  To learn more about Chanticleer check out this link:  Chanticleer GardensLocation: 

Radnor, PA

University of Pennsylvania Campus and University City

University of Pennsylvania's urban campus and the surrounding neighborhood provide an exciting visual mix of green areas, sculpture, modern and classical architecture, and of course, young people in their preferred habitat!

Rittenhouse Square

In the heart of downtown Philadelphia, Rittenhouse Square is the perfect place to get the most out of urban  photography - stunning architecture, a lovely park, street scenes, and an endless parade of people being people (and don't forget the dogs!)  

Rodin Museum

This  museum, returned to its original European appearance, is a rich destination for photographers.  We will start by photographing Rodin’s powerful and moving sculptures, both indoors and outdoors. The site also offers wonderful architecture and landscaping.  A perfect opportunity to explore how black and white can unify many elements: live people viewing stone sculptures, vegetation against architecture etc.  

Location:  Philadelphia

Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum

This trip is not only for car lovers. It is also perfect for photographers looking for a unique opportunity to explore the shine, style and pizzazz of these classic automobiles. The Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum is one of the world’s greatest collections of racing sports cars including Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Bugatti, Mercedes, Jaguar, Bentley, Porsche, Aston Martin, Corvette, Ford and more.  For more information see this link: Simeon Foundation Automotive Museum


Museum of Archeology and Anthropology

A wonderful setting to learn the skills for photographing objects - and such fascinating objects!  We will have opportunities to work on  camera stabilization, framing, focusing, suppressing or adding reflection, white balance, blurring out a distracting background, ISO  ...- there are a surprising number factors involved in capturing these unique artifacts.

Academy of Natural History

Sometimes the life is still because it is no longer alive!  The dioramas can offer great juxtapositions of taxodermied animals in natural-looking settings with their very much alive human spectators.

West Laurel Hill Cemetery

An unusual choice of setting, perhaps, but one that is especially evocative in the  Autumn light.   The mausoleums, obelisks, angels and arching trees are the elements for creating uncommon compositions.  A great chance to try out your tripod and wide-angle lens.

Location:  Bala Cynwyd, PA

Surreal Bryn Mawr

Do you believe you can convert downtown Bryn Mawr into a fantastic surreal world?  You can, and this trip will show you how.  We will be photographing our way through  Bryn Mawr, with its multitude of stunning shop windows which make for phantasmagorical shots combining high style manikins, set-design surroundings and of course the latest in fashion.  Add in the layers of reflected light on the glass window, and you have the ingredients for some surreal photography.

Lansdowne at The Blue Hour

This friendly small town just outside of Philadelphia offers a great mix of neon store lights on the downtown strip, warmly lit homes, trails of headlights and taillights and trains pulling into and out of the train station.  A perfect place to try out your low light and night photography skills in a relaxed setting.

Swarthmore at the Golden Hour

A favorite destination at a favorite time of the evening.  On the college campus we will discover how our cameras can  bring out the rich colors of fall foliage, even as the sunlight fades.  The small downtown strip offers that wonderfully appealing combination of warm interior light and the blues of the outdoors.


Pennock Woods

This is a small nature sanctuary in Lansdowne, PA  that offers a surprising variety of photographic subjects. The warm colors of foliage against the textures of old logs, rocks, moving water and a sandy bank provide a great chance to celebrate the season in this little-known gem.  Location:  Lansdowne, PA

Philadelphia Zoo

This is a SUPER DEAL, as admission to the zoo is included in the cost.  Get shots of a variety of animals, from  reptiles and primates to the big cats and bears.  Special photographic opportunities are the aviary, where you will find exotic and colorful birds and the childrens' zoo, with the young farm animals and so much more.  Photo tips for dealing with challenges such as shooting through glass and less-than-optimal lighting are part of the instruction.

Location:  Philadelphia 

Providence Animal Center (SPCA)

The participants will not only be working on their photography skills, but will be doing their part to help find homes for the animals.  This animal shelter is always in need of high quality photos of dogs and cats and other pets to publicize their mission, and we will  create images to contribute to this goal. With a slant to photojournalism, this animal photography workshop will explore the issues of documenting the realities of our world with the aim of raising the awareness of others about the needs of these homeless pets.  And a portion of our proceeds will be donated to the shelter.

Limited to 6 participants.  RSVP by email or phone (610) 626-7854.

Northwestern Stables

Get shots of these beautiful animals in this lovely setting. If you like horses, this is the trip for you!

Horticultural Center

This beautiful greenhouse located in Fairmount Park lends itself to a more meditative photo experience. Inside you will find a variety of plants to explore. Here is an opportunity to slow down, to really see and appreciate the incredible structures, patterns and textures in these living things. The intricate lines and shapes of leaves and stems are also outstanding for black and white. An ideal chance to learn about close-up nature photography.  Bring your tripod and macro lens, if you have one.                        

Location:  Philadelphia

City Hall

Philadelphia's Beaux Art City Hall offers some of the most elegant, charming and even exotic opportunities for photographers.  You may know the grand exterior architecture of this building, but its interior is full of fascinating ornamental sculpture, and the people watching opportunities are rich. With a tripod (I can lend mine if you don't own one) and a zoom, you can discover and capture images of the amazing details of this classic symbol of Philadelphia

Portraits at Appleford

Are you looking for a special place to take portraits of a special person? Bring along your sweetie and go home with some memorable portraits. Appleford is an estate open to the public that is an outstanding environment for outdoor portraits. Work with expressive and challenging light against a setting of fields, woods, a pond, even a waterfall. Issues of exposure and white balance will be explored.  Lighting using reflectors and off camera flash will be used to enhance your photographs.

Location:  Villa Nova, PA   


Eastern College

Here's a lovely site for spring photography.  We will find bubbling fountains, leafy trees, pretty flowers, a charming old mill and unusual architecture.  And the Eastern College Pond is famous for attracting a host of creatures, small and smaller.  It's a superb chance to practice your macro skills.


Masonic Temple Photo Tour

This may be a new discovery for you, but the Masonic Temple is a fascinating building, both from the outside and inside. The fancy and luxury, the golden mosaics, stained glass windows, sweeping stairways and Egyptian pillars are the ingredients for some unique and gorgeous photography.

Chestnut Hill

Chestnut Hill, arguably the most charming part of Philadelphia, is a feast for the photographer's eye. As cobbled Germantown Ave winds up the hill intimate scenes are discovered, one after the other.  Pedestrians, shop windows, front steps, wrought iron fences, old churches and small tucked-in gardens all add to the atmosphere and make exciting subjects. Leave your tripod at home and get ready to be on the move, all you photojournalists!    

Asian Collection at Philadelphia Museum of Art

This new trip is designed to share the excitement we've discovered by looking at the art from Asia.  Our museum has a wonderful collection of Asian art, from  delicate vases and household items of China,  wonderful scroll paintings of Japan,  monumental temple sculptures of India, a grouping of Japanese houses and rock gardens,  gorgeously serene Buddahs of Cambodia and much much more.  Interesting lighting conditions will provide opportunities to experiment with exposure and white balance while  incorporating an entirely new esthetic into your photography.



I love the massive trees in winter at this sprawling setting of mansion and grounds.


Manyunk, this special part of Philadelphia, is a favorite with artists with its hills, canal, cathedrals, railway trestles and power lines.  We will learn how to exploit these elements in creating images, black and white and color, that both capture a unique neighborhood and at the same time make an abstract statement about line, shape, and texture



For the photographer in search of style this chique small town  features shop windows galore, offering a surprising mix of subject matter, from high fashion, to toys, to kitchen gear, to garden supplies.  And a great place for street photography!

Philadelphia Museum of Art

This remarkable collection of art from around the world offers limitless opportunities to try out your skills for working with indoor lighting, white balance, hight key/low key, framing, and even some great decisive moments of people responding to the art they see.

John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum

At this stunning expanse of water, trees, grasses, woods and wild birds.... the photo opportunities just go on and on. If you are excited about the chance to photograph in a setting that brings together all these elements this is a trip you should not miss. I am very excited about capturing what this wildlife refuge offers, and sharing it with other photographers.

And, for this month's special trip, we will make it an early morning experience to capture sunrise at this magical place.

Barnes Arboretum

The Barnes Arboretum in Merion, Pennsylvania, a mere 8 miles from the city, is another place to practice your macro skills - or just take beautiful images of early spring. If Albert Barnes expressed his passion through art appreciation, his wife, Laura, expressed hers through the cultivation of beautiful plants in stunning gardens.  Come celebrate the season in this hidden treasure.

Location, Merion

30th Street Station

This Philadelphia site is so familiar  and utilitarian, it is often overlooked for its photographic possibilities.  But we will explore  the grand architecture, indoor markets, the tracks, wires, trains coming and going and views of the city from the platforms.  Our approach will go beyond showing a "beautiful building", and aim to document the interplay between man and the environment in this transportation hub.  (Also a great place to capture people going about their everyday lives.)

Art Museum 

This monumental building, with its iconic stairways and fountains, glows in the early morning light.  Come capture this magical place as we deal with issues of wide angle photography and perspective

Rittenhouse Square Holiday Lights

A magical  spectacle of trees festooned with colored globes of light.  In the heart of the city, you will find ample opportunities for pictures of lights, store windows, street scenes and of course, people being people!!

Linvilla Orchards

A kid friendly location that also has plenty of subject matter for the adults.  Get great pictures of the farm animals, as well as deer and beautiful pheasants, the temptingly colorful food stands, and people enjoying the country environment.

Jenkins Arboretum

Come to this charming arboretum to take pictures of a vast variety of local flora.  We will spend time at the large pond, which, surrounded by reeds and other types of vegetation, offers some really lovely vistas.  Especially photogenic this time of year!

Location:  Radnor

Depth-of-Field at Barnes Arboretum

 We will use this charming garden setting to work on the specific skills for controlling depth-of-field.  Learning to  blur out the background (or foreground) will add wonderful new dimensions and possibilities to your photography. 


Scott Arboretum 

Scott Arboretum, located on the campus of Swarthmore College, is an expanse of woods and creek, and formal gardens - an ideal location for capturing the glories of mid-summer!

Location:  Swarthmore, PA


Wayne Farmers Market

389 Lancaster Ave, Wayne, PA 19087

What better place to find food than a market?  Come join us for a chance to practice getting picture of all the beautiful fruits, vegetable, baked goods, cheeses..... and if you get hungry, stick around for  lunch

Jenkins Arboretum

Come to this charming arboretum to take pictures of a vast variety of local flora.  We will spend time at the large pond, which, surrounded by reeds and other types of vegetation, offers some really lovely vistas.

Location:  Radnor


Hildacy Nature Preserve

A new discovery, perfect for capturing open landscapes, rolling grassy meadows punctuated by thickets of trees.  Wetlands add another element that will be resplendent in the springtime greenery..  


Appleford Estate

Appleford is an estate open to the public that is an outstanding environment for outdoor photography.  Work with expressive and challenging light against a setting of fields, woods, a pond, even a waterfall. Issues of exposure and white balance will be explored.  

Location:  Villa Nova, PA   


Art Museum at Night

This monumental building, with its iconic stairways and fountains, glows at night.  Come capture this magical place as we deal with issues of wide angle photography and special exposures for nighttime pictures.

:  Philadelphia

Ithan Valley Park Waterfall

For those looking for a thoroughly photogenic waterfall that is super local with easy parking,  this discovery is for you.  Join us in advancing your skills for capturing water in motion in a lovely forest setting.  

Bryn Mawr at Night 

Come practice your night photography skills as you enjoy the visual possibilities in capturing this vibrant downtown area at night.  The festive decorations, lit-up store windows, traffic lights, and illuminated churches all add up to some fantastic photo ops.  Color, style, and shadow are the ingredients for some really special shots.


Colonial Plantation

Colonial Plantation is a great photo destination. This period farm setting has gardens, farm house, barns, animals, and guides in period clothes demonstrating an earlier, simpler way of life.

Newtown Square, PA

Forbidden Drive, The Wissahickon

The Wisssahickon offers gorgeous views of the creek as it passes through its picturesque ravine.  This part of Philadelphia's Fairmont Park System has attracted artists and photographers for over a hundred years.  With its steep rock walls and huge variety of trees, set off by the red covered bridge, this trip offers great opportunities to try out both close up photography and landscape photography.

30th Street Station

This Philadelphia site is so familiar  and utilitarian, it is often overlooked for its photographic possibilities.  But we will explore  the grand architecture, indoor markets, the tracks, wires, trains coming and going and views of the city from the platforms.  Our approach will go beyond showing a "beautiful building", and aim to document the interplay between man and the environment in this transportation hub.  (Also a great place to capture people going about their everyday lives.)

Philadelphia Naval Yard

A brand new trip to capture the moody atmosphere of  part of our country's history, juxtaposed with modern commercial development. 


Dillworth Plaza: Skating in Center City

    A street level skating rink with our Beaux Art City Hall as a background, this setting provides an ideal vantage point for catching gaily dressed skaters as they whiz by.  Practice both stop-action and panning for some cool action shots.  Very wintry!
Location:  Philadelphia


The color, the bustle, the energy of Philadelphia's Chinatown offer endless opportunities for  pictures that reflect a special culture and a special mood.    

Benjamin Franklin Bridge by Evening Light

A unique vantage point for some great shots of Philadelphia.  From this bird's-eye-view use the monumental structure of the bridge to frame  patterns of streets, traffic, storefronts, the river, and people passing by, all lit by the irresistible combination of artificial light and twilight.               


Franklin Square Carousel

A fun place for you and your little ones to play and get some great shots in the  process.  There's a fountain, a playground and an old fashioned carousel that can be a charming setting for your pictures.  BYOK


Location:  Media

Inside/Outside: Philadelphia Museum of Art 

Bring your camera to our world class museum and explore the possibilities of photographing the vast array of artwork.  Especially intriguing for photographers are the collection of armor, the monumental statuary from India and the serene images of Cambodian Buddhas. The building from inside and out also makes for great photographs.   

Haverford College Campus and Arboretum

This photo trip offers a completely different campus experience.  Haverford College is in a quiet setting, rich in natural subject matter, including the arboretum, a pond and a rustic cabin - all great ingredients for stunning photographs.

Dillworth Plaza Summertime: Kids at play!

A super fun place to capture images of kids playing in the water fountains against the backdrop of Philadelphia's City Hall.  Lots of action!

Catch the Scene:  South Street

Looking for some fashions that are not Main Street?  Think South Street!  The shops, the folks, the atmosphere add up to photo opportunities for anyone who loves capturing the look of today, and especially what's up with youth.

Boat House Row and Art Museum

Classic Philadelphia!  The views of the boat houses as the lights come on are iconic images of our city - not to be missed

Haverford College Arboretum

Here's a pretty spot to get nature as she is emerging from her winter slumbers.  This arboretum offers a pond reflecting budding trees, spring flowers, a photogenic cabin, and lovely vistas.  It is a quiet place to work on those tripod skills too. But if you don't have a tripod, don't worry, it's not required - I will be bringing one for you to try out.


City Hall at Night

Make a night of it!  A spectacular opportunity to put that tripod to use - capturing car lights, city lights, people in motion, all setting off our city hall in its nighttime splendor. You can't miss! If you don't have a tripod, don't worry, it's not required - I will be bringing one for you to try out.


Morris Arboretum

This Arboretum near Chestnut Hill, offers endless opportunities to explore botanical photography, from stately trees shots to intimate flower portraits.


Dillworth Park Fountains

With Philadelphia's beautiful City Hall as the backdrop, this plaza features a series of sparkling water spouts which feature a gaggle of giggling kids.  A great spot to practice those stop action photos of kids having fun before the summer season ends.

Historic Philadelphia at Night

At night this is great place to begin looking at buildings as subjects. A city crowded with historical sites challenges us to capture the unique personalities of these buildings.  I will guide students in discovering new viewpoints to isolate the structures making use of the  perspective distortion of wide-angle lenses to enhance the sense of three dimensionality.

Location:  Philadelphia, PA

Logan Circle Fountain

This iconic feature of Beaux Art Philadelphia combines the excitement of capturing the spraying water of the fountain with fantastic people watching opportunities. Pure summer fun in the city!


Eastern College Pond

Eastern College's lovely and photogenic campus includes a pond which attracts a variety of flora and fauna making it a perfect destination.  Dragon flies, lily pads, running water, even a frog or two, are subject matter for those wanting to try out some nature photography (and macro if you're interested) in a easily accessible spot.

The Italian Market

Ciao tutti! Come with us to photograph this unique outdoor/indoor market, with its mounds of fresh vegetables and fruits, piles of shiny fish, glowing cheeses and exotic hanging meats.      


Longwood Gardens

Come to this world-famous garden just in time for the Orchid Extravaganza!  A perfect opportunity to try out your macro photography, not only for the fascinating orchids, but so many other botonicals, both indoors and out.

Kennett Square, PA  

Taylor Arboretum

This lovely arboretum is dedicated to creating a habitat of native flora and fauna.  We will capture the openings of the tiny leaves and buds that tell us Spring is finally here.

Wallingford, PA

Reading Station Market 

Reading Station's bustling indoor market is an ideal place for capturing vibrant and dynamic images.  Piles of colorful fruits and vegetables, mounds of cheeses, rows of cakes, hanging meats, shoppers shopping, vendors vending, all in the unique yellow light of this indoor market place.... How can a photographer resist?
Location:  Philadelphia


Italian Market

Here's Philadelphia's other most distinctive food market -this time outdoors, and this time with the unique flavor of the neighborhood:  diverse foods, diverse shops, diverse people. This is the place to catch the slightly gritty atmosphere of a food market that has been serving its neighborhood for over 100 years.      


Eastern State PenitentiaryStep into one of the most intriguing photo destinations in Philadelphia. Bring your camera to this mysterious and thought-provoking site to capture shots that present unique compositional opportunities and evocative content.
Japanese House
Join us in photographing Shofuso, a 17th Century Japanese abode, garden and pond, one of Philadelphia's treasures.  This house, with its mingling of indoors and outdoors, architecture, water and vegetation allows us to concentrate on changing light patterns as an element of both interior and landscape photography.  We can work on our skills with careful focus, judging exposure and using our tripods to let us slow down and capture scenes that are simple yet challenging.                  
Location:  Philadelphia, PA


Waterworks and Art Museum Fountain

The area around the Philadelphia Museum of Art includes some choice opportunities to incorporate water into you photography.  Learn to freeze the splashing water of the elegant fountains that front the art museum where the spray and monumental sculptures add up to exciting compositions.  Then wander back to the waterworks where the water plays off the striking architectural features of this early engineering marvel.  You can't miss!


Think "tiny marvels of nature" - not "YUCK!"  This unique museum devoted to bugs offers an opportunity to practice your macro skills as you capture the intricacies of these miniature creatures in a controlled environment.  See this link for more information on the Insectarium.



Glass Blowing Extravaganza

If a warm environment is your style, this will be just the thing. Capture the beautiful color effects and fascinating process of glassblowing at this studio, located in a charming converted textile mill in East Falls.

Penn's Landing Skating Rink

Embrace the winter and come join us for a photo trip to the Ice Skating Rink at Penn's Landing.  A great chance to try out your stop action skills in a festive setting.                 

Location:  Philadelphia


Morning Light Special: Historic Philadelphia and Society Hill

This one is for the early riser who wants to capture this wonderful part of our city in the magical light of the morning's golden hour.  The rewards for getting up early are capturing these beautiful streets and buildings in the morning's quiet, before the hustle begins.  A lone pedestrian, a long shadow, the glowing light...
Location:  Philadelphia 

Ridley Creek State Park

A classic for capturing the Fall Foliage while it's still here. The great woods of Ridley offer intimate shots of the creek with its moss covered rocks as well as open vistas of tree covered hillsides. Don't miss this chance the get the last of the fall wonders.

Location: Newtown Square, PA


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