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photo by Henri Cartier-Bresson
July Photo Newsletter
The Decisive Moment

Dear Photographers,

    Join us this month in revisiting the photography of Henri Cartier-Bresson - one of the giants in 20th century photography.

“There is nothing in this world that does not have a decisive moment” ~ Henri Cartier-Bresson















                   Photo by Henri Cartier-Bresson

Two-Part Photo Workshop:

Discussion of HCP and his followers

     Owen will lead a discussion about Henri Cartier-Bresson and his ground breaking photography,  with an introduction to several of his followers.  We  learn so much from an exploration of the techniques and aims of these masters which can only enrich our own photography.

First Session:  Friday, July 8  7:00 - 8:30  Presentation and open discussion. 

Second Session:  Friday,  July 15  7:00 - 8:30  An opportunity to show examples of your own work that reflect the legacy of these photography greats.

 “Photographers deal in things which are continually vanishing and when they have vanished there is no contrivance on earth which can make them come back again.” ~ Henri Cartier- Bresson





               Photo by Henri Cartier-Bresson






Photo Field Trips

Two field trips:  Two opportunities to search for your own decisive moments.

Rittenhouse Square

In the heart of downtown Philadelphia, Rittenhouse Square is the perfect place to get the most out of urban color photography - stunning architecture, a lovely park, street scenes, and an endless parade of people being people (and don't forget the dogs!)  

Sunday,  July 17  10:00 - 12:00

Rodin Museum

Here's  a great opportunity to pursue your quest for the decisive moment.  Rodin's sculptures are another example of how an artist can catch the moment that tells the story - the peak of the emotion, the universal gesture, the unmistakable body language.  And these subjects hold still for you and your camera!  Added plus: the chance to capture people reacting to these sculptures.  These viewer/art interactions are another wonderful source of inspiration.

Location:  Philadelphia

Sunday,  July 24  2:00 - 4:00





                                       photo by Owen Biddle


New Two-Session Class

Editing 101


"The negative is the score, the print is the performance" Ansle Adams.

The masters knew how to get the absolute most out the negative using dark room techniques such as adjusting contrast, dodging and burning, and cropping.  Today we have an even more powerful array of editing options to bring out our pictures' full potential.  This class is an introduction to basic editing adjustments, including straightening, cropping, color correction, histograms, exposure, contrast.... it's a long list, but with a little instruction you will be able to realize your visions and produce pictures worthy of printing.  Also essential for preparing images for books and websites.

To schedule call (610) 626 - 7854 or email




DSLR Fundamentals Tutorials

Below are descriptions of the basic units of our curriculum available to students ranging from beginner to advanced.  Most units are five lessons and include a set of assignments designed to give practice in targeted skills with opportunities to get feedback from the instructor so that you learn from your experiences.

Just give a call and  we can set up individual sessions to keep you moving forward with your photography.

 Call (610)-626-7854 for details.


​(click on links for more information)


Fundamentals 1:  Camera Operations   is for students who are just starting out, or want a good review of the basic camera functions. 

Fundamentals 2:  Applications  is for students who have some comfort with the camera and want to start applying their skills to expand their photographic range.

Fundamentals 3:  Composition  takes photography beyond the subject, and encourages you to see the artistic and compositional opportunities in everyday life. Here is a chance for your right brain to come out and play!


Fundamentals 4:  Lighting Across the Genres is for students who are  ready for the next critical step: lighting.  Explore sophisticated means of controlling both natural and artificial light for portraits, landscape and still life to get just the mood and effects you want.


Advanced Photography - Using self-generated assignments and in-depth critiques we will help you move forward in your work.  


Free Photo Contests

Just browsing around, we discovered Photocrowd with lots of categories.... check it out to see what others are doing, and maybe enter a contest yourself!  


                      photo by Alexander Sviridov


Not a photo, but ...
Winslow Homer (1836  - 1910) painted this critical moment in the drama between fox and crows.  


In-Person Photo Salons on Hold... Again  :(

We're waiting for things to settle so we can resume one of our very favorite features of Owen Biddle Photo School.  Stay tuned!  And check out our online salon where photographers  share pictures and comments 




                          photo by Owen Biddle


Photographer of the Month:
Henri Cartier-Bresson


Every once in a while we just must take another look at the work of Henri Cartier-Bresson, one of the giants of the art of photography.   His capture of "the decisive moment" is an inspiration for any photographer striving to show the abiding humanity everywhere we look.  A master of the craft, a consumate composer, Cartier-Bresson, above all, catches just those instants that show people as their most spontaneous selves.  Across  centuries, across oceans and continents, we can't help but recognize and identify with the images of Cartier-Bresson.  

“The photograph itself doesn't interest me. I want only to capture a minute part of reality.”
― Henri Cartier Bresson

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