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photo by Harold Edgerton

June Photo Newsletter

Shooting Food 



Dear Photographers,

      This month we have food on the mind - a subject that attracts us on so many levels and offers countless visual opportunities for the photographer.  We hope you will be excited by the possibilities for getting stunning shots, colorful shots, appetizing shots - just, don't be like Rachel's late husband who brought eclairs and cakes up to the studio, and as he painted his enticing subjects, he got tempted and bit by bit he nibbled away the rear of the goodies, so that what remained was just the shell in the front for him to paint.










                            photo by Owen Biddle


Two-Part Zoom Photo Workshop:  Food Photos

  Food is great, no argument, but not just for eating!  For the photographer food gives us all the ingredients for stunning pictures:  luscious  colors, exciting shapes and forms, pattern and texture.  In addition, food carries the deepest associations that stir feelings and memories, and even tell the stories of new places and cultures.  


First session: Wednesday, 6:00 - 7:30  6/16 and 6/23

Discussion of equipment and technique and presentation of how masters  have addressed food, both commercially and artistically.


Second session:  Tuesday, 5/25  7:00 - 8:30

To share work from intervening week



 Photo Field Trips



                      photo by Owen Biddle



Chestnut Hill

Friday,  6/11  1:00 - 3:00

Chestnut Hill, arguably the most charming part of Philadelphia, is a feast for the photographer's eye. As cobbled Germantown Ave winds up the hill intimate scenes are discovered, one after the other.  Pedestrians, shop windows, front steps, wrought iron fences, old churches and small tucked-in gardens all add to the atmosphere and make exciting subjects. Leave your tripod at home and get ready to be on the move, all you photojournalists!    

Wayne Farmers Market

Friday,  6/18  9:00 - 11:00

389 Lancaster Ave, Wayne, PA 19087

What better place to find food than a market?  Come join us for a chance to practice getting picture of all the beautiful fruits, vegetable, baked goods, cheeses..... and if you get hungry, stick around for  lunch!





Check out this amazing new website!  

Our friend, a very creative and skilled photographer, Mandy Seligman, has  taken inspiration from our past year of isolation, and brought forth a website devoted to "Seeing Happy".  You are invited to take a look and encouraged to submit your own work to become part of this much-needed, uplifting project!

"What are the little things that make you smile as you go through your day? Often it is the small things that make life worthwhile. And small changes can make a huge difference.  

We believe that a small change in focus to the positive can help build personal resilience and hope, and kickstart a spiral of optimism that enables us to deal with life just a little bit better. It can create a cascade of positivity in our lives."




photo by Mandy Seligman



In- Person!

Like many of the rest of you, we are taking some steps to reconnect...            in person!!

For those who are vaccinated and comfortable meeting in the classroom setting, small group and individual lessons are available.  

For those who are not yet ready for this step, we are carrying on with remote lessons via Zoom.

Email or call (610) 626 - 7854 to sign up.

DSLR Fundamentals Classes​

Below are descriptions of some of our small-group classes. 

Remember, private, individual lessons are also always an option.  Just give a call and  we can set up individual sessions to keep you moving forward with your photography.

 Call (610)-626-7854 for details.


​(click on links for more information


Fundamentals 1:  Camera Operations   is for students who are just starting out, or want a good review of the basic camera functions. 

Saturdays  10:00 - 11:30  5/8,  5/15,  5/22,  5/29


Fridays  7:00 - 8:30  5/7,  5/14,  5/21,  5/28

Fundamentals 2:  Applications  is for students who have some comfort with the camera and want to start applying their skills to expand their photographic range.

Saturdays  12:00 - 1:30  5/8,  5/15,  5/22,  5/29

Fundamentals 3:  Composition  takes photography beyond the subject, and encourages you to see the artistic and compositional opportunities in everyday life. Here is a chance for your right brain to come out and play!

Sundays  1:00 - 2:30  5/2,  5/9,  5/16,  5/23


Fundamentals 4:  Lighting Across the Genres is for students who are  ready for the next critical step: lighting.  Explore sophisticated means of controlling both natural and artificial light for portraits, landscape and still life to get just the mood and effects you want.

Call to schedule


Advanced Photography - Using self-generated assignments and in-depth critiques we will help you move forward in your work.  

TBD  Please call us to discuss dates  (610) 626 - 7854


 Photo Salon

​  Sunday  3:00 - 4:30  6/27 In Person at our new address!!!

These are very friendly, relaxed get-togethers at my apartment in Lansdowne. Photographers of all levels are welcome to share pictures, get photography tips, and discuss camera equipment. You can also get ideas for entering photography contests, submitting to photography magazines and having photo shows. Feedback from the group provides encouragement and inspiration to go out and take more pictures. These informal photography critiques offer an excellent opportunity to start identifying themes in your work and to get ideas for new directions. Group size is limited, so if you can come an RSVP is required by email or call (610) 626-7854. Cost is $10.  These Salons often fill-up,

so it's best to get your spot early

ALSO.... Check out this  facebook link and join the group.  

Our purpose is to provide an online place for our community to stay in touch, stay inspired  and get out there and keep snapping.  You can post pictures and get feedback, ask photo questions, make suggestions etc.  What do you say???

Special thanks to Jonathan Prusky, whose technical skills have saved us more than once and made this whole endeavor possible.

photo by Owen Biddle



Not a photo, but ...

Arcimboldo (1527 - 1593) certainly had a way with food!




Photos of the Month

Masters of Food

See what photographers can do with some simple ingredients....

We had fun picking out these food images.  Some we chose because they are by masters in photo history, some because of the amazing photo techniques demonstrated, some because they tell a human story, and some  because we loved the color, design, and composition, and some just because they look so darn yummy!


Click on thumbnail to see full images.                    



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