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photo by Joe Strode

April Photo Newsletter

Opening our Horizons

Landscape Photography



Thinking about next steps with your photography?

Get Ready

to Show!

After a long tough winter, the talk is now about"opening up"... why not prepare for your own "opening" and share your talent and vision with the world?  It's time!  

A four-session Zoom course with guidance and support from Owen Biddle and Charles Eustace.  Please contact us to discuss dates and times.

1. Select images - portfolio review.

2.  Edit images

3.  Resources for getting high           quality prints and framing.

4.  Brainstorm venues in your area.

Radishes and Eggplant.JPG

It's sad but true:  

The in-person classes described below are suspended for right now


We are carrying on with remote lessons via Zoom.

Email or call (610) 626 - 7854 to sign up.

DSLR Fundamentals Classes​

Below are descriptions of some of our classes. Respecting social distancing requirements for now, all classes are online. 

Remember, private, individual lessons are always an option.  Just give a call and  we can set up individual sessions to keep you moving forward with your photography.

 Call (610)-626-7854 for details.


​(click on links for more information


Fundamentals 1:  Camera Operations   is for students who are just starting out, or want a good review of the basic camera functions. 

Wednesdays  6:30 - 8:00  4/7,  4/14,  4/21,  4/28


Thursdays  2:00 - 3:30  4/8,  4/15,  4/22,  4/29           

Fundamentals 2:  Applications  is for students who have some comfort with the camera and want to start applying their skills to expand their photographic range.

Call to schedule


Fundamentals 3:  Composition  takes photography beyond the subject, and encourages you to see the artistic and compositional opportunities in everyday life. Here is a chance for your right brain to come out and play!

Fridays  3:00 - 4:30  4/9,  4/16,  4/23,  4/30


Fundamentals 4:  Lighting Across the Genres is for students who are  ready for the next critical step: lighting.  Explore sophisticated means of controlling both natural and artificial light for portraits, landscape and still life to get just the mood and effects you want.

Call to schedule


Advanced Photography - Using self-generated assignments and in-depth critiques we will help you move forward in your work.  

TBD  Please call us to discuss dates  (610) 626 - 7854


Online Photo Salon

In-person Photo Salons are on hold right now, but we are very excited about our new online options

1.  Check out this  facebook link and join the group.  

Our purpose is to provide an online place for our community to stay in touch, stay inspired  and get out there and keep snapping.  You can post pictures and get feedback, ask photo questions, make suggestions etc.  What do you say???

Special thanks to Jonathan Prusky, whose technical skills have saved us more than once and made this whole endeavor possible.

2.  Sunday  3:00 - 4:30  4/18/21   Real-Time Zoom Photo Sharing session.  Limit of 6 participants, so RSVP soon.  First come first serve!

photo by Owen Biddle



Not a photo, but still a great landscape inspiration. 

This painiting is of Manyunk in the 30s by Francis Speight.


Dear Photographers,

   As we step outside, what a thrill to discover open spaces waiting for us. Join us this month  as we search out ways to reenter our big beautiful world.










                            photo by Owen Biddle


Two-Part Zoom Photo Workshop:  Landscape Photography 

  Landscape photography demands some specialized skills and equipment, but rewards us with wide, inviting vistas that remind us of the grandeur of our wonderful world.  


First session: Tuesday,  4/13  7:00 - 8:30

Discussion of equipment and technique and presentation of how master photographers have addressed landscape photography.


Second session:  Tuesday,  4/20  7:00 - 8:30

To share work from intervening week



 Photo Field Trips

Hildacy Nature Preserve

Sunday, April 11  4:00 - 6:00

A new discovery, perfect for capturing open landscapes, rolling grassy meadows punctuated by thickets of trees.  Wetlands add another element that will be resplendent in the springtime greenery..  



                      photo by Owen Biddle



Appleford Estate

Sunday,  April 25  4:00 - 6:00

Appleford is an estate open to the public that is an outstanding environment for outdoor photography.  Work with expressive and challenging light against a setting of fields, woods, a pond, even a waterfall. Issues of exposure and white balance will be explored.  

Location:  Villa Nova, PA   



















Photographer of the Month

Joe Strode






Here's what Joe has to say:

     "I first became interested in photography in 1971 when one of my closest friends introduced me to the hobby. He had a darkroom and I was fascinated when watching the silver halide come to life in the chemical bath.  In 1972, I made the decision to purchase my first “real” camera, a Pentax SLR, and a 200mm lens. The inspiration was driven by an invitation to spectate the 1972 Olympics in Munich, Germany. My father thought I lost my mind spending "that kind of money" on something so sophisticated, when an instamatic would do the same job. He had an immediate case of amnesia when we were back home. When friends asked to see his pictures, he would promptly ask where my album was because his images all looked like a colony of ants.

One of my daughters gave me a photography lesson with Owen as a gift. It was a very educational experience and I have enjoyed viewing all the wonderful pictures on his website.

Most of my current photographs are either taken by my IPhone or Sony RX10 III. I tend to see patterns in nature. It sounds strange but I do not typically look for images to capture, they tend to present themselves to me.

I look forward to retirement when I have more time to learn the art of photography."

Joe shows us what exciting landscape photography can be.  His work ethic gets him out all times of day in all sorts of settings where, indeed, the patterns present themselves, and, with his well-developed eye and technical skills, he captures them to share with us.  Some really special images.


Click on thumbnail to see full images.                    



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