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Me, Myself and I

The "Me Generation" has made its mark and we devote this special edition of our Newsletter to The Self.  But our photographer-of-the-month takes the EGO to heights never before suspected.  


Two-Session Workshop


    Are you, like us, tired of false modesty and trying to look interested in others, when, honestly, all you really want to focus on is YOU?  This workshop is for you.  Learn 100 ways to make yourself the center of attention while at the same time discovering your best angle, most flattering lighting and becoming backgrounds and color schemes.  Time to step out from behind the camera and into the spotlight where you really belong!








 Photo Field Trip

House of Mirrors

What could be more delightful than an infinity of reflections of YOU?  We are super excited to introduce this brand new field trip where photo skills (and everything else) take backseat to YOU.  Plus, discover all the unexpected places to "find yourself", like store windows, car mirrors and even the sunglasses of that person you're sitting across from (pretending to be paying attention to whatever it is they're going on about)


Photographer of the Month:


  Here's what Twinkie has to say: "When Owen asked me to be Photographer-of-the-Month what could I say except 'What took you so long?'   As you no doubt know, I am a bear/critter/essence/being/demi-god/president/queen/king of few words.  In my fascinatingly multi-facited, ever-evolving way, I consider myself the epitome of modesty and understatement and hesitate to say much other than this:  For all my life I found photography pretty dull.... looking at all those sunsets, flowers, weird places, and, worst of all, countless other people!   Then I  discovered how perfectly photography can allow me to share myself with the world.  I am pleased to finally unlock the true purpose and potential of this powerful art form.  (You're welcome!)"

With this month's theme of The Self, there was clearly no question of who would be our Photographer-of-the-Month.  

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