In honor of Juan Torres

We are honoring our dear friend, Juan Torres. Juan brought his photography to the level of art without fail. The devotion he committed to his work resulted in images that are profound, original and unforgettable. Each photograph glows with the care and gentleness that were Juan. He was an inspiration to us all, and beyond that, an amazing friend to so many. We will miss him very much.

Once Juan told me a story that made a big impression on me. When he was a student at a Catholic school he loved his art classes and showed a lot of talent. In fact, as a youth his favorite place was the art museum and he spent many hours there. He also wrote poetry when he was young. This was young Juan. As he was completing high school he was recognized as an artist and offered a scholarship to an art school. However, his practical teachers and counselors advised him that pursuing his art dreams was not a wise choice and not an option for him. Juan continued on in college studying political science. In 1982 he was employed by SEPTA as a bus driver and over 28 years worked his way up to top administrative positions. But the artist in Juan never went away. Many years later he picked up a camera and there it was! Juan created the kinds of photographs you see below. The sensitive artist came out and brought us these incredible gifts of beauty.


Thank you, Juan. 

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