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Here is what Paul has to say:  "My journey into photography has been a slow one, but my interest was sparked by my experiences studying in Spain and by my travels. The more time I spent documenting my adventures, the more I found myself enjoying the opportunity to capture moments: moments that engage and enable me to appreciate not only where I went, but who I spent time with and the memory extends beyond the image that was captured by my camera.


"With Owen, I am gaining a deeper appreciation for not only the moment that was captured, but the subtleties of light and color which together weave a much richer story. With this appreciation and deeper understanding, I am not only capturing moments of which I am part, but creating my own narratives with the photos that I take. This is very much the beginning of my photographic journey, and I am looking forward to where that journey takes me."

Paul's sense of adventure shows not only in his love of travel and experiencing new places and these pictures show, he is willing to try all kinds of new things in his photography too.  We love the range he incorporates in his work, from the odd humor of "big foot" in the desert to the ominous in the hulking backlit figure, with many sensitive and provocative images in-between. Paul shows us that photography can be a world of creative exploration and we look forward to seeing what new things he will be sharing in the future.

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