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Here's what Mike has to say:

"Arriving late in life to photography, I picked up the camera lens while briefly putting down my binoculars as a birder, about eight years ago. After seeing photos and contests in bird watching magazines, I decided to attempt to capture some of the rawness and beauty I witnessed on my nature outings. For me, nature photography is about a mixture of harmony and vulnerability. I hope to surpass the basic idea of “beauty” by delving into a moment of both largeness and smallness, of sentient beings existing in nature as they can only be, naturally, as in ‘a natural manner.’ In my photography I hope others find no reason for being, only being. Nature is not there for us; it is only there."

Mike's pictures perfectly show what we mean when refer to a personal response to nature.  His deep connections to nature are obvious in each image.  His photographic aims go beyond beauty, but the beauty he finds is unmistakable.

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