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Here is what Robert has to say about himself:

"My photography journey began in the mid 1980’s while serving in the Army. I was stationed at Schofield Barracks in Hawaii and bought my first camera. I quickly learned about ISO because I enjoyed taking photos of beautiful sunsets, beaches, scenery and street shots and sending the pictures home to my family. From there, due to life getting in the way, I only took pictures of people every now and then or pics of vacations with whatever camera I had and they weren’t very good. Still I loved trying to take great photos. Fast forward to the invention of the iPhone and taking pictures again became a passion of mine but something was missing. I, eventually, broke down and bought a DSLR and realized there was a lot more to this than I ever imagined. What I learned from books, YouTube and websites fueled my passion even more and decided I needed some formal education and enrolled in Owen Biddle’s classes. It has been very enlightening and so much fun! After starting my own Petcare business back in 2011, I have wanted to add pet photography and now it’s a reality thanks to Owen!"

Our theme for the month of May is Animals, and Robert was the natural choice.  He has been specializing in capturing pictures of dogs and shows us how it's done!  Using the range of camera techniques he has mastered, he brings us dogs in motion, dogs interacting, dogs being adorable and dogs just being totally doggy!  Robert also shares with us some beautifully composed landscapes and the stunning results of a trip to the Naval Yard.  It is obvious that Robert brings his passion for photography to whatever subject matter he encounters.

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