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Here's what Evan has to say:


"I am relatively new to photography and have been at it seriously for about a year. I purchased my first DSLR before college so I could capture moments and preserve memories. I look at photography like a kind of time machine and that's why I love it so much. Whenever I travel or go to an event I love to document it in a way that tells a story, and that is the main reason why I started to take up photography in the first place. Whenever I travel I want others to see and feel my story of where I have been and what I have experienced. I love to explore different parts of Philadelphia and the different hiking trails this area has to offer, but recently I had the opportunity to travel to and photograph Peru. It was an amazing experience with beautiful culture, people, and nature. I am slowly finding my style and my focus in photography, but I am loving every step of my journey so far."

Evan comes on with a splash!  His vision is exciting and edgy and reminds us how much fun picture-taking can be.  Whether abroad in Peru, or at home here in Philadelphia, he captures images that are both dynamic and telling. 

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