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Here is what Christine has to say about herself:

"I asked my husband for a camera for Christmas 2017. I was so excited to get started and poured over websites, online lessons, YouTube videos, etc. I took digital photography lessons with a school in Philadelphia. While I was taking pictures, I was confused by all the components that went into making a great picture. Fast forward to June 2018, seven months later and I was frustrated still. I went online to search for another class – something to help put it all together. That is when I discovered Owen’s school. I enrolled for private lessons and after a few it all came together. Owen not only taught me how to use my camera but helped me become a photographer! Me a photographer! Photography is my passion now. Even without my camera I’m seeing through the lens in my everyday life. With my camera I’m able to capture beautiful moments and memories. Thanks Owen – you too Rachel!" 

We are super proud to feature Christine this month as an inspiration for people who might be relatively new to DSLR/Mirrorless photography, and maybe even feeling a smidge intimated by that sophisticated new gadget.  Not to worry.... as Christine shows us, once you grasp the basics, you too can be taking stunning shots that express your own unique vision.  In keeping with the theme of mastering the basics, we asked Christine to share examples of a variety of camera skills, including depth-of-field, shutter speed, low light and white balance.  Thank you Christine for showing us the level you have achieved and sharing so many beautiful pictures.  Yes, you are, without a doubt,  a fine photographer!

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