Photographer of the Month: Alan Simpson

Here's what Alan has to say:

"I’ve been a photographer for a long, long time.  But I only take pictures from time to time when favorable circumstances converge.  Sometimes I’ll skip a decade or two if life gets in the way.  I was on a roll when in high school, toiling in the dark room, stinking of stop bath with aspirations of Cartier-Bresson .  Been on a roll the past few years too.  I’m loving it for the most part but then again, months can go by without a single click.  I’ve never had much of coherent style or “direction”.  Lately I’ve shot beautiful, young ballerinas in unusual locations.  But most recently, I’ve tried my hand as a “Glamour" photographer.  Always admired great street photography too and dabbled in it often with an eye towards Vivian Maier.  Great contemporary photographers aren’t hard to find either - quite a few can be found around Owen’s photo salons.  I turned pro last year, scrapping with the rest of them to sell my artistic stuff.  Its been easier selling the sports and portraits.  But selling photographs is not easy."

Alan has been a wonderful addition to our community of local photographers.  As you can see here, his wide range of interests and ways of seeing often surprise and always please.  Alan may be a bit modest about his art but his pictures give us a lot to think about.


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