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Here is what David has to say: 

""I grew up around cameras and photography.  My first camera was a 110 yellow waterproof Minolta at for my 10th birthday.  I took it swimming. I took it to school.   I took it everywhere. Through my childhood, my father encouraged us all to take pictures, thousands of them.  He allowed us all to use any of his cameras as long as we could load the film and change the lenses.  I had to be one of the youngest kids anywhere to be able to load and shoot a Hasselblad. I didn't take many good pictures but I loved trying.  After my father passed away, I didn't touch a camera for 20 years. This past April, I bought my first DSLR.  The fundamentals of taking a picture came back slowly.  But the love of looking for a shot will always be there. Trying to capture the beauty of what I see is my only goal." 

With this month's theme being Color, Shape and Form, David's work immediately popped to mind.   His attraction to the beauty he discovers in  unexpected places, plus his intensely bold and original perspective give us a series of  images that remind us to pause, look and appreciate.

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