David Cunicelli, Brian Warren,

Jim Troyer, Michael Duvall, Alan Simpson, and Walt Miles



David: "All images were shot on old film cameras both medium format and 35mm

I love how film feels. It has depth and imperfection and life that lacks (for me) in digital.  It imparts a quiet timeless mood to almost any scene. "

Brian: "For me, photography is a way of framing the world to see things we otherwise not notice.”

Jim: "My main pleasure in photography comes from capturing the memories of places we have visited and people we have met."

Michael:“Photography let’s me capture moments and details in our everyday world that would otherwise go unnoticed. There is nothing more satisfying than when the art and technical aspect of photography come together  to  create the image I envisioned when I pressed the shutter release.”

Alan: "I owe photography a great deal. Creative self expression is an important part of a “whole”, fulfilled life. And, for many of us without drawing or painting abilities, photography is the answer. Yay photography!"

Walt: Photography is a way for me to break out of the cycle of everyday out the trash........."

Forgive us for bragging, but our most recent class in Advanced Photography resulted in such fine work, we can't help ourselves.  We've decided to put up a show and feature the artists as this month's photographers-of-the-month.  You'll see this selection is in keeping with our January theme of Black & White, but come to the show to see the full range of these talented photographers' work!

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