Saul Leiter, Ernst Haas, Fred Herzog, Owen Biddle







        Saul Leiter                         Ernst Haas                   Fred Herzog                   Owen Biddle




We have a real treat for you this month as we explore the theme of Color in the City. Here is a sampling of images by some of our photography super stars (plus Owen) who show us how it's done!  The subject matter may be people moving through the cityscape, buildings, neon lights, cars and trucks, the sky, or shop windows. But the real story being told is about color:  juxtapositions of patches of color, muted colors, vivid colors, layered colors, a blur of color through a foggy window. We hope this selection will remind us that in composing our shot, color is a major element in creating a compelling image.  

P.S.  Forgive us if we've created the impression that Owen is in the pantheon of these super stars - he just couldn't resist adding a bit of his own work on this theme that motivates him almost everyday to get out there with his camera.

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