Fiona Keyes













Here's what Fiona has to say about herself:

"Photography is seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary. 
Capturing the true essence and beauty of my subject has always intrigued me, and my love for nature continually leads me to the next micro-universe of discovery.  My images represents the various colors, textures, folds and lines that I love to get lost in while admiring the world around me and have evolved into an exploration of the magnificence of detail.
The simplicities of our daily passings have become works of art that evoke the feelings of awe and inspiration.

I hope you are drawn into my world of amazement."

Actually, there's no way NOT to be drawn into the the beautiful images Fiona puts before us. Our theme this month is photography as art, and her selection demonstrates this perfectly.  Her attention to color, line, texture, shape, lighting, and above all, powerful composition, add up to pictures that hold your eye - just like all wonderful art does!

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