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Here's what Mark has to say about himself:

"My father was a photographer. Spending time with him sparked my interest in photography and led me me to enroll in the Owen Biddle  School of Photography.  While there I learned the history of past photographers and that helped me develop  a photographic eye. I have been travelling extensively these last few years and have enjoyed taking photos and also enjoy inspiring others.  I like looking at the world around us, and what's in front of us. Black and White photography is my favorite.  It captures life's emotions and makes a photo look unique!   Looking through the lens, my goal is to capture hopes, dreams, and inspire others!"

   Yep, Mark, you inspire many - both with your gorgeous images and with your infectious love of the craft which you share every chance you get!  This collection of pictures is varied - each image unique and original.  But taken together they reveal a very sophisticated eye and a terrific sense of color.  And Mark's warm humanity shines through every time. 

   Mark is modest about so many of his accomplishments, but I take  great pleasure watching his endeavors in photography education in our area. He has initiated several youth-oriented projects in the Philadelphia schools and our own Lansdowne Library. And he has even opened up some really rewarding experiences for Owen as he partners with Mark in this work.   This interaction with  young photographers is clearly another passion for Mark.  



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