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  Here's what Anne has to say:“I actually don’t remember when I started taking photographs. It seems to have happened so naturally. I can look back at my collection and find photographs dating back to my childhood. All through high school and college, people knew me as the girl with the camera on her shoulder, a Canon AE-1 that was my loyal companion for probably 20 years.  I most unwillingly left film (and that camera) behind for digital, but have marveled at the evolution that our equipment has undergone, and how technology has enhanced the art even more.

    I’ve always loved how photography uniquely freezes a moment in time, in space, in memory. My work has a  landscape/architectural bent, but there’s nothing like the intimacy of photographing people. A relationship forms between photographer and subject, maybe because by photographing people we’re telling a little bit of their story in addition to our own. I’m also drawn to the magic of looking at a photo I took years and years ago, and feeling pulled back in time to that place, to those people, to what I was trying to convey. That will always keep me coming back.”

   The girl with the camera has become a fine, mature photographic artist.  Her black and white work shows off her wonderful eye for the strong architectural forms around us. Mixed in with a powerful structuralism is a haunted, historical sense which makes Anne's work a presence that will stay with you.

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