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Here is what Nancy has to say about herself:

"After moving to the city in 2017, I started thinking about new hobbies. My rooftop deck did not

engage my creativity to the same extent as my suburban backyard, and photography seemed

like a possibility. My experience to that point included taking photos during vacations and to

accompany garden lectures. Sometimes my pictures were good – but other times they weren’t,

and I was curious about the mechanics and the art of photography. As a beginner, I’m enjoying

learning lots of new things – depth of field, composition, lighting – and exploring the themes

that interest me. I am still enthusiastic about travel and garden photography but have enjoyed

experimenting with street photography, lines, and the contradictions between subjects. (I still

enjoying gardening but photography is definitely easier on my back!)"

If you didn't have the travel bug before, you will when you look at Nancy's exciting images from Thailand.  She has successfully applied the many photography skills she is learning to capture people, places, architecture, and bright details that allow us to see what she sees in this fascinating environment.  Her knowledge of her camera and the principles of photography elevate her pictures from travel shots to really stunning images.  Now, let's all grab our cameras and go somewhere!

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