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Amy Anna - Photo Diary

Walt Miles - Community

As we thought about our April Photo Newsletter, we knew we wanted a theme that somehow connected to the extraordinary times we are all living through.  How could photography speak about the drama and disaster that has gripped the world, and be relevant to each of us as photographers, individuals and participants in this dire human experience?  Are we looking inward, trying to understand how as individuals we fit into what is going on?  Do we gaze outward, acknowledging that we are part of an event that touches all of our communities around the world?  With all these questions in mind, we decided to bring these two perspectives together, in parallel, in tandem, to show how photography can indeed respond at this time.


Here's what Walt has to say:

" my interest in photography started back in the day when newspapers were king and magazines ruled a thing called newstands,i'm sure thats the reason why i shoot almost entirely in b&w...nothing against color but i started out obviously in film doing the whole nine yards shoot/process/print...then along came didg with the space age technology built into something  thats fits into the palm of your hand...since megapixels are cheap you can now shoot shoot then shoot some more which i do frequently.....with all these images in hand i  go to the monthly "salons" hosted by Owen&Rachel and get to interact with groups wonderful and giving photographers...i would like to add that photojourlist for the inky and other print outlets are doing amazing work using photos to cover the pandemic..w"

And here's what Amy has to say: 

"I was surprised I was asked to present images for a photo diary until I started going through pictures and realized that that is all I do! I seem to be anchored in time and space a little differently than most people, and documenting the way I feel about my life compels me to make photos with a certain blurry, moody look.I used to think that was simply due to poor vision and a moody disposition. But  as I get older and events render me crustier and more bedraggled, I find that crisp, clean images have no relevance to my lifestyle, or my journey in image-making. The pictures taken of the outer world reflect the inner world, without fail. Anybody want to buy about a thousand bad shots of mysterious doorways and long roads that disappear into the mist?"

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