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Here's what Patrice has to say:“As a child, I remember being in an environment where creativity was encouraged.  My Dad always seemed to have a camera, but my Mom was my biggest influence and inspiration.  She always encouraged us to participate in something creative, so creativity was instilled in me from a young age.
As an adult, I was always the one documenting special moments with my camera.  Later in life, photography became my passion and satisfied my need to create.  I now feel Photography is an extension of my inner self, drawing in the connection or the story felt with the subject I am photographing, becoming more than just about the subject.  My intention is to capture the essence of subjects using the creative medium of photography.
As an artist, my work is constantly evolving and I consider myself a life long learner.  In 2017 my work was accepted and is on display at the MAC Gallery in Media, PA”

   Patrice's images bring a sense of deep peace.  In her quiet celebration of the object Patrice chooses subject matter that is both timeless and immediate.  She invites us to pause and take in the simple beauty that we too often miss in our busy lives.  Thank you Patrice, for reminding us of the joy in what is all around.

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